Yaroslavl State University named after PG Demidov

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13.11.2011 The prediction

The prediction has come true Morkovina - in advert

09.11.2011 of Tartar came the

of Tartar came the

09.11.2011 in the state of their

like mushrooms after a rain, or, as Tatarsky wrote in one concept, the coffins after the leader.

  Site CCU "DMNS"
Site of Center for collective use of scientific equipment "Diagnosis of micro- and nanostructures".

Автор(FedorovI) Иван Федоров

  Expert system of nanoelectronics
Expert system of nanoelectronics designed by instruments of program complex AT-technology. Demidov YSU in 2011.

Автор(FedorovI) Иван Федоров

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